World Olympians Association

Constantina, Diane, Irvette, and Rene Hang Out at St. James Palace

(Left to right) Irvette van Blerk, Rene Kalmer, Constantina Dita, and Diane Nukuri Johnson at St. James Palace last night.

Always up for a party and a palace, and with more than ten days still until the Olympic women’s marathon, last night four of our Olympic women attended the “Olympians Gala 2012” at St. James Palace. Constantina Dita (ASICS), Diane Nukuri Johnson (ASICS), Irvette van Blerk (Nedbank/adidas), and Rene Kalmer (Nedbank/adidas) got together for the reception, which was hosted by the World Olympians Association with Prince Albert II of Monaco. The WOA is an ‘alumni association’ for some 100,000 athletes worldwide who have achieved Olympic status in their careers.

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