Athlete Representatives

BOULDER WAVE strives to help our athletes maximize their athletic abilities and their financial potential. We aim to have long-term relationships with all of our athletes, working together with the athletes, their coaches, and their sponsors to plan not only each immediate race season, but also their longer-term athletic and competitive progress. This includes negotiations with race and meet directors and with sponsors; logistical support of training; marketing and promotion; and all other aspects of elite athletes’ careers.

Our goal is for each of our athletes to reach their utmost potential, whether that be an Olympic medal, qualification for a national championship, or attaining new Personal Best marks. In addition to the athletes we work with under contract, we occasionally work in various other representative relationships, such as supporting a number of Japanese elite athletes in their overseas race plans. With our base in Boulder, Colorado, we probably have one of the easiest “drop-in” services for any of our athletes who want to have a chat.

Our support also extends to up-and-coming athletes, whether they be recent college graduates or young athletes needing support. The national-record results of Japan’s 21 year-old Nozomi Tanaka (1500m) and 20 year-old Ririka Hironaka (5000m) at the Tokyo Olympic Games were examples of these up-and-coming young athletes.