Nozomi Tanaka (JPN)

Will represent Japan in 1500m and 5000m at 2022 Eugene World Championships

Background Data

Birthdate: September 4, 1999
Nationality: Japanese
Height: 153 cm / 5' 0"
Weight: 41 kg / 90 lbs
Coach: Katsutoshi Tanaka
Club: Toyota Industries Track Club
Shoe Sponsor: New Balance
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Best Records

Distance Record Year Event
800m2:02.362021Nihon Taiiku University Long-Distance Meet
1000m2:37.33 NR2022Hokuren Distance Challenge, Fukagawa Meet
1500m3:59.19 NR2021Tokyo Olympic Games
1500m Indoor4:12.31 NR2022World Athletics Indoor Championships (Belgrade)
3000m8:40.02 NR2022Middle-Distance Circuit Kobe Meeting
5000m14:58.602022Japan Corporate Championships
10000m31:59.892021Kyoto Meet

Major Results

Year Event Time Place
2022Edion Distance Challenge 5000m15:06.425th
2022Kosa 5K15:531st
2022All-Japan Women's Corporate Ekiden Championship (1st leg, 7.6K)23:502nd
2022Fst in Fukuoka Mile4:352nd
2022Fst in Fukuoka 5K15:342nd
2022Middle-Distance Circuit Kobe Meeting 1000m2:39.411st
2022Middle-Distance Circuit Kobe Meeting 3000m8:40.02 NR1st
2022National Sports Festival ("Kokutai") 800m Final2:05.091st
2022National Sports Festival ("Kokutai") 800m Heats2:05.881st
2022Athletics Challenge Niigata 1500m4:12.522nd
2022Athletics Challenge Niigata 5000m14:59.952nd
2022Japan Corporate Championships 5000m14:58.602nd
2022Japan Corporate Championships 1500m4:10.411st
2022New Balance Fifth Avenue Mile4:19.3 NR6th
2022Palio Citta della Quercia 3000m8:41.931st
2022Yokohama Twilight Games 800m2:04.141st
2022World Athletics Eugene World Championships 5000m Final15:19.3512th
2022World Athletics Eugene World Championships 800m Preliminaries Heat 62:03.567th
2022World Athletics Eugene World Championships 5000m Semi-Final Heat 215:00.219th
2022World Athletics Eugene World Championships 1,500m Semi-Final4:05.796th
2022World Athletics Eugene World Championships 1,500m Preliminaries4:05.307th
2022Hokuren Distance Challenge, Fukagawa Meet 3000m8:42.661st
2022Hokuren Distance Challenge, Shibetsu Meet 1000m4:07.792nd
2022Hokuren Distance Challenge, 20th Anniversary Meet 1000m2:37.33 NR1st
2022Japan National Championships, 5000m15:05.611st
2022Japan National Championships 800m Final2:04.512nd
2022Japan National Championships 800m Preliminary2:04.131st
2022Japan National Championships 1500m Final4:11.831st
2022Japan National Championships 1500m Preliminary4:15.191st
2022Prefontaine Classic 1500m4:07.4315th
2022USATF Distance Classic 1500m4:06.355th
2022Chubu Corporate Team Championships4:11.272nd
2022Seiko Golden Grand Prix4:07.534th
2022Shizuoka International Athletics Meet 800m2:03.101st
2022Mikio Oda Memorial Athletics Meet, Heat B15:23.873rd
2022Hyogo Relay Carnival 10,000m32:39.292nd
2022Hyogo Relay Carnival 1500m4:10.601st
2022Kanakuri Memorial Distance Meet, 5,000m15:26.536th
2022Suooshima Meet 800m2:06.892nd
2022World Athletics Indoor Championships(Belgrade) - 1,500m Heat 34:12.31i NR6th
2022Lake Biwa Cross-Country 6K20:151st
2022Kitakyushu Women's Invitational Ekiden (5th Leg, 10.4K)33:571st
2022Empress Cup Inter-Prefectural Women's Ekiden (1st leg, 6K)18:592nd
2021Edion Distance Challenge 5,000m15:04.103rd
2021Nittai University Long-Distance Competition 5,000m15:04.834th
2021Takamatsu Night Time Trials 3,000m8:50.471st
2021Nittai University Long-Distance Meet2:02.361st
2021Two Laps Middle-Distance Circuit in Osaka 1000m2:37.721st
2021Tokyo Olympic Games 1500m Final3:59.958th
2021Tokyo Olympic Games 1500m Semi-Final3:59.19 NR5th
2021Tokyo Olympic Games 1500m Preliminary4:02.334th
2021Tokyo Olympic Games 5000m Preliminary14:59.936th
2021Hokuren Distance Challenge, Chitose 1500m4:04.081st
2021Hokuren Distance Challenge, Kitami 5000m15:17.933rd
2021Hokuren Distance Challenge, Abashiri 3,000m8:40.841st
2021Japan National Championships 1500m4:08.391st
2021Denka Athletics Challenge (Niigata) 1500m4:09.061st
2021Michitaka Kinami Memorial Meet 1500m4:10.061st
2021Ready Steady Tokyo Meet 1500m4:09.101st
2021Japan National Championships 5000m15:18.253rd
2021Japan National Championships 800m Final2:04.473rd
2021Japan National Championships 800m Preliminary2:07.231st
2021Shizuoka International Athletics Meet 800m2:03.192nd
2021Mikio Oda Memorial Meet, 5,000m15:11.823rd
2021Hyogo Relay Carnival, 1500m4:10.141st
2021Kanaguri Memorial Meet, 1500m4:09.311st
2021Tokyo Meet, 1500m4:13.091st
2021Tokyo Meet, 3000m8:57.271st
2021Akashi Meet, 3000m9:09.571st
2021Akashi Meet, 800m2:08.531st
2021Takamatsu Meet, 1500m4:15.181st
2021Takamatsu Meet, 800m2:09.101st
2021Japan National Cross-Country Championships - Senior Women's 8K26:224th
2021Kyoto Time Trials 10,000m31:59.981st
2020Japan National Championships, 5000m15:05.651st
2020Denka Athletics Challenge Cup, 5000m15:22.392nd
2020Michitaka Kinami Memorial Meet, 800m2:06.721st
2020Night Trials Yashima 5,000m15:15.761st
2020Japan National Championships, 800m Final2:04.764th
2020Japan National Championships, 1500m Final4:10.211st
2020Japan National Championships, 800m Heats2:05.141st
2020Japan National Championships, 1500m Heats4:25.221st
2020Gifu Prefectural Championships, 3000m8:56.181st
2020Gifu Prefectural Championships, 1500m4:12.811st
2020Seiko Golden Gala, 1500m4:05.271st
2020Hokuren Distance Challenge, Abashiri, 5000m15:02.621st
2020Hyogo Prefectural Championships, 800m2:04.661st
2020Hokuren Distance Challenge Fukugawa 3000m8:41.351st
2020Hokuren Distance Challenge, Shibetsu, 1500m4:08.681st
2020Sir Graeme Douglas International Meet, 5000m15:24.982nd
2020Porritt Classic (Hamilton, NZ) 4:16.744th
2019IAAF Doha World Championships, 5000m Final15:00.0114th
2019IAAF Doha World Championships, 5000m Semi-Final15:04.666th
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